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Bazi chart meaning

A person with the Nobleman Star is intelligent, and will get a lot of assistance from people around him. A person with the Peach Blossom Star is attractive, sexy, seductive and exhibits strong sexual desires. This person also enjoys good social standing. This Star symbolizes unique ideas, talent, skill, art, music, design and aesthetics of a talented person.

Also can mean smart, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, knowledge, psychic nature. Life can live up to its highest potential to reach the goal. There is also a tendency towards being a loner, a monk or a hermit. This is a good Star, symbolizing overseas working opportunities, travel and migration.

However, it has the tendency to destroy other good stars, and aggravate the influence of bad stars. This Star symbolizes as person who is sharp and smart if it is a favorable Star. On the other hand, if it is unfavorable, it implies being robbed, though not necessarily in the literal sense. This Star symbolizes as person who has courage and ability in planning if it is a favorable Star.

On the other hand, if it is unfavorable, it implies being lawsuits and misfortune to one's spouse. This Star symbolizes "Internal Romance" a loving relationship between husband and wife, if it appears on the Year or Month Branch. Heavenly Virtue Stars and Monthly Virtue Stars are auspicious Stars, and they imply the help of benefactors when a person is in danger.

A person with a Solitary or Lonesome Star may appear solemn and unfriendly. It symbolizes doom for family members; a Solitary Star symbolizes misfortune to parents, and a Lonesome Star symbolizes misfortune to spouse. These Stars symbolize a person who is extremely intelligent, gifted in many areas, knowledgeable, learned and generous.

He will have great achievements, and no adverse forces can cause him harm. If the Heavenly Stems are not in the order shown in the table below, these Stars are less effective.

Four Pillars of Destiny

An odd-numbered Earthly Branch is always matched with an odd-numbered Heavenly Stem, and an even-numbered Earthly Branch is always matched with an even-numbered Heavenly Stem.

The presence of Heaven Void is like a catalyst, and it can moderate or reverse the effect of an auspicious or inauspicious Star. For example, if there is both an auspicious Star and a Heaven Void in a Ba Zi chart, the auspicious Star will be less beneficial.

Similarly, if there is both an inauspicious Star and a Heaven Void in a Ba Zi chart, the inauspicious Star will be less harmful. After this, look at the Earthly Branch of the other pillars to determine whether the Heaven Void is found. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Category : Book:Ba Zi.

bazi chart meaning

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This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Or click below for articles covering other symbolic meanings. In traditional Chinese culture, many are keen to learn more about their personal fortune through BaZi Destiny Reading.

In doing so, one can better understand the cycles of their Luck to make informed decisions. Luck has always been viewed by the Chinese as a sort of commodity — something you can gain, and something you can lose. When you know this valuable information, it makes even more sense to seize the high times when things are good; and conversely, proactively adjust and manage the low times when things are more challenging.

For instance, helpful people are especially instrumental in helping you achieve whatever you desire in life. Such is not life.

bazi chart meaning

But can you imagine going through difficulties when there is no help? Like getting into a car accident and nobody comes? Or grieving for a departed loved one and nobody is around to comfort you? Or starting a business and there is no reliable support? It carries you through, helps you persevere and come out of a difficult situation. In the end, this auspicious energy is only presenting you with an opportunity.

It is still up to you to make the conscious choice to seize it and use it; otherwise, the moment will pass. In other words, Nobleman is always a good one to have!

You can use this table below.

BaZi Reading

Remote services available. Traveling Horse.

bazi chart meaning

Peach Blossom. Previous Next. Other famous real-life examples include: Captain Richard Phillips who was kidnapped by Somali pirates in was rescued on a Nobleman day. Movie: Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks. Movie: Lone Survivor starring Mark Wahlberg. And so much more! Related Posts. Be In The Flow. April 9th, 0 Comments. Be Like Water.The Bazi school of feng shui is basically a form of feng shui astrology. The calculations based on the Bazi, or Four Pillars feng shui school, give you in-depth information about yourself, not about your house.

Knowing yourself is as important as knowing others. Not only because by truly understanding yourself, you will be able to understand others better. In the Bazi, or Four Pillars feng shui schoolknowing yourself and your energy means you can make the best of what is given to you by destiny; or the factors present at the time of your birth.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will give you powerful insights into the best timing, the best opportunities, and the best relationships in your life. The Bazi school of feng shui helps you in decoding your Heaven's luck so you can do your best in improving your luck. There are many ancient divination tools to help understand one's destiny and luck, such as the Vedic astrology, for example. The uniqueness of the Bazi school is in its feng shui terms, such as the five elements, yin, and yang, the I Ching ; so this info can be used in improving the feng shui of your home or office.

The calculations of this feng shui school are based on the four pillars that determine one's destiny. These four pillars are the year, the month, the day and the time of a person's birth. The Bazi school of feng shui is also called the Eight Characters school not to be confused with the Eight mansions school ; because each of the four pillars has two characters that express a specific feng shui element in either yin or a yang form.

There are 10 heavenly stems expressed as 10 gods and 12 earthly branches; each pillar is expressed in a heavenly stem and an earthly branch. The Bazi chart looks at the energies of powerful ancient Chinese deities called gods or officers that are influential at the time of one's birth, as well as various stars of influence, such as the Star of Authority, for example.

What is BaZi (Chinese Astrology)?

To calculate one's Bazi chart, the Four Pillars feng shui consultant will first convert the client's birth information by using the ancient calendar called the Ten Thousand Year Calendar. The Bazi feng shui school chart looks at different time periods in one's life, such as a 10 year period, a 5 year period and a 1 year period. Of course, calculations can also be done on a daily, and even hourly basis. Each person has a predominant feng shui element, called the birth element, as well as the secondary feng shui elements.

It is important to understand that no matter how spectacular one's Bazi chart is, the focus is always on strengthening one's birth element. You do that by taking good care of yourself, which includes having good feng shui in your home and office; so a Bazi chart often gives recommendations on your best feng shui colors, feng shui decor items and overall feng shui of your home or office.

It is obviously not something you can change or work at; all you can do is understand it. Earth Luck Tiis the level of luck where feng shui can be of tremendous help. Being surrounded by good feng shui energy is a big factor in strengthening your Earth luck. Mankind Luck Renis made of your own efforts, such as study, networking, taking good care of your health, making smart decisions, finding the right people, etc. Read More.Its is often repented by the warrior or general.

It is by all means aggressive and non-sentimental. In all of metaphysics studies, 7K is never good as it is the only star that has the potential of taking out Killing the DayMaster. Its call 7 Killing because it is order as number 7. For most of all reading if there is 7K in the chart it fist first be control before anything else since you want to preserve the DayMaster survival.

They will execute every plan that they can get their chance on, no matter how remote the chances of success is going to be. It is more important to them to have tried than to actually succeed. If you try many times enough you be meet with success, its a number game to them. They are natural law breaker, they want to change the power to be, they want to take over the top spot. Most corporation is controlled by a 7K, their take no prisoner policy ensure their continue success.

A revolutionary at heart, natural ability to stand out during time of chaos and oppression. These people do not give face and are often determine. Once they make up their mind to do something there is seldom no turning back.

As a tsunami or typhoon coming after you, their sheer force of destruction is unmatched. There is no discussion or bargaining, you have one choice which is to follow the flow. Its a slow conversion, basically it will used patient to wait for you to yield. Fire 7K to a Metal Daymaster — Intense level of destruction. It aim toward a total change, you will not recognized it after the transformation. Its especially needed for metal element to achieve usefulness, without tempered its a clump of useless ore.

Its actually mere inconvenience, a delay to the inevitable. It does give more directed aggression, instead of destroying everything on its path.

bazi chart meaning

You need to have 7K if you want to get thing done, but it need to be used with caution as it its a truly double edge sword. Yes, its the star that is used for death prediction. Chart belong to Osama b Laden with an obvious 7K at the year pillar, fuel by the wood on the month pillar. Basically the Xin cut the Yi and fuel the Ding. Raging fire that cause raging 7K chaos. I just want to ask if the 7K in the year pillar is strong given that it is rooted in the day branch?

Is this a decisive person? May I ask if 7Ks in heavenly and earth stem, any advise or caution for DM to live a peaceful life? People expect you to solve problem. I always enjoyed learning from you. One of it is in DE. Thanks for your insight. Hi, Master. Want to ask you.Metaphysics Bogeyman, Mr Death and Ms Emptiness is another pair common one that has been circulated freely. Description will usually be accompany with phrases like all not successful, without return, failure, wasted effort and other scenario of doomed.

Since there is only 10 stems but there are 12 branches, naturally there will be 2 branches that cannot be pair in a group. Simply put it that the 2 branches has been taken by the next group to be used and you cannot use it anymore. Is this really an inauspicious situation? As with all metaphysics stuff, it totally depend!

If the branch is an unfavorable element to begin with, falling into DE will actually help you, releasing you from its negative effect.

The opposite is also true, good effect will be negated if fall into emptiness. You just have to imagine a member of your team branch has taken a holiday, you cannot depend on him anymore, you need to do it on your own stem. When a Wood element fall into DE, its rather more negative of the effect. Wood need support to survive, it cannot progress with its support. The progressive nature of Wood is remove and it start to decay and eventually digress into nothingness.

Its an image of loneliness, a wood drifting in the vast empty of space. When a Fire element fall into DE, its actually help enhance the situation. Fire function is to illuminate, when there is nothing blocking it and there is no other detraction, this is when the fire shine the best. Imagine the north Star in a clear cloudless sky, the only star you will ever need to give guidance. When an Earth element fall into DE, it cause a scattering effect. Earth can no longer hold together and disperse into nothingness.

It no longer function, it become aimless, nothing grow and nothing is being keep. Best description is actually a monk who releases everything of humanly attachment. When a Metal element fall into DE, you get unbounded sound. Imagine sound wave traveling without blockage, crystal clear and it can travel as far as it can reach. Its a perfect moment to engage in communication activity, word will be compact, clear and easily understood. When Water element fall into DE, you get clear thinking.

When you remove all contamination, you are left with pure water. Ones thinking is at its best in this situation. Since you do not need to muddle with other think, you are actually much better in decision making.

BaZi Four Pillars of Destiny 101: What is Nobleman?

If its something that is already inauspicious, it should be cerebrated since you have been given a holiday from the element negative effect. Wood and Earth take it harder because of its dependency nature. Typically,a clash or combination will release the DE form its grip, reverting the element back to its natural self. Also, Wu Mao is a destruction and does that mean it soften the destruction in this case? Thanks Kevin. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.It is a destiny map of your life and the opportunities and challenges that may come in your life. It is set at the time of your birth, as the result of the cosmic energy Qi or Ki that are in existence at the particular time, day, month and year.

There are certain energies Qi that exist in Bazi. They exist during the year, month, day and even hour of your birth. These Qi actively interact and influence the life which you live — Career, Wealth, Relationship and Health.

Your personality and character could even be determined by Bazi analysis itself! By plotting, analyzing and decoding our Bazi, we are able to know what is instore for us in life. But it takes an expert to interpret the results. What we can simply do is to learn what are our strengths and weaknesses through Bazi.

Using Bazi analysis, we can simply determine our own personality and traits using just our date of birth. Nowadays technology is just amazing, you can now calculate your bazi with a click of a button. You can get your chart using a Bazi calculator available freely on the web.

Ba Zi/Symbolic Stars

You do not need to be concerned about the time if you do not know as the important part you want to see now is only the Day master. There are 10 types of Day Masterswhich are made up of the 5 elements, both yin soft energy and the yang strong energy of themselves. Jia wood represents tall, sturdy trees. It is a Yang wood so it is a strong Day Master.

When you think of Jia wood, you will think of a tree, which are Jia wood people, straightforward, reliable and supportive and loyal. As this wood represents growth, they are very educational and good thinkers and advisors. However, like a tree, their shortcomings are being, rigid, stubborn and inflexible when it comes to approaching things.

Yi Wood, on the other hand represents soft wood such as vines. Yi wood people are resourceful, flexible and intelligent.Eight Chinese characters are stacked in groups to form the pillars. The chart is complex but there are several common components that you may be able to uncover and read with practice. Identify your Day Master. The Day Master is found through your birth date and is the reference point for the Bazi chart.

There are 10 Day Masters and each is a representation of the Yin and Yang opposite relationships between the five elements of earth, fire, wood, water and metal.

A person born on February 16, is a Bing or Yang Fire. Discover if your Day Master is strong or weak. You do this by considering if your Day Master was born in season. Look to the Month pillar and if your Day Master element is there you were born in season and it is a strong Day Master. Determine your Day Masters favorable and unfavorable elements. Read your pillar chart to decide which traits are listed as favorable or unfavorable.

You will want to know these to prepare you to seek out careers or relationships that suit you. Look to the Bazi chart to see which of your two Day Master elements are present.

For example, if your strongest element is earth and this cross checks on the chart at wealth, then you are said to be in line for a future of wealth. Check the Luck Pillar to see what you may anticipate in this category. Take your Day Master elements and cross check them against the pillar.

Insert your strong and weak elements in place to reveal the periods of your future to anticipate lucky occurrences. Spencer Hope Davis has been covering topics such as work balance, travel and health since An alumna of Cleveland State University and Kent State University, Davis earned a bachelor's degree in sociology and a master's degree in justice studies.

The database based on Word Net is a lexical database for the English Language.

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